Building To Teach

Philadelphia Waterborne is proud to be a member of:


“Building is a natural use of math. Building To Teach is an experiential learning program that uses the building process to excite students about math and teach them the math skills they need to pursue jobs in math-related fields like construction, accounting, engineering and computer science. Our results-oriented, hands-on teaching methods have been developed and refined over 18 years at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation (ASF) in Alexandria, VA, where young people learn practical math through boat building. 

Building To Teach was developed by ASF to bring these hands-on teaching methods and materials to a national community of instructors, employers and students. The Building To Teach approach is founded on  experience with students who have not only improved their math skills, but come to realize that math can be useful to them, through collaborative building projects that are engaging, challenging and rewarding.”