Maritime Academy Charter School

Student Journal Entry: Joshua, 12/8/15

Today we found out the names of the sides of the boat. We also started to drill holes.

Student Journal Entry: Joshua, 11/17/15

Here is what I like about boat building. Today for boat building I liked how we used different kinds of power tools. My favorite tool is the drill, because I like how it goes down when you drill through the brick. That is my favorite part of boat building.

Student Journal Entry: Elijah, 11/17/15

Hello. Me and my group today are practicing drilling with different types of drill bits. It is very amusing to all of us, and I am sure most of us will enjoy making our boats next month. The small drill bits are so easy to drill in, but the big ones are not. I wonder why. I know we will have a lot of fun these next upcoming months.

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