Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School

Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School is a middle school located on Lindbergh Avenue in southwest Philadelphia:

“The mission of the RAPCS is to create a safe and healthy learning environment for middle school youth to develop into responsible participants in their education and our diverse society.  We will provide rigorous instruction to prepare children for higher learning, the workplace, and life.  RAPCS will engage our students to think globally and act locally!”


Philadelphia Waterborne began working with students at RAPCS in the spring of 2014, building two skiffs with students in the 6th grade, both of which were launched at Bartram’s Garden in June, 2014.  IMG_0017

Two additional skiffs were built during the fall, 2014 term, one each with students from the 6th and 8th grades.  Working with the RAPCS Art teacher, students will design and execute a colorful paint scheme for these boats, which will also launch at Bartram’s Garden in May, 2015.

Two more boats will be built during the spring, 2015 term, with teams from the RAPCS 5th and 7th grades, which also will be painted for launching in June, 2015.




Student Journal Entry: Tyana, 12/1/15

Mr. Nick is a good person. He is a hard worker. He is very helpful, and he is nice.

Student Journal Entry: Poole, 12/1/15

RAPCS students’ popping and locking in boat building class!

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