Wissahickon Charter School

Wissahickon Charter School is a K-8 charter school with two campuses located in northwest Philadelphia:

“The mission of the Wissahickon Charter School will be to provide a community of learning with an environmental focus that stimulates the child’s intellectual, social, and character development. It will accomplish this through the following:

  • A curriculum that teaches children about the interconnectedness of the physical and human environments
  • Service learning centered around environmental themes
  • Parents, students, teachers, and administrators as allies in the community of learning
  • Peace education to bring about awareness and conflict resolution within the community
  • A diverse student body and staff
  • Student ownership of learning through empowerment and recognition of diverse learning styles
  • Small class sizes
  • A physical space harmonious with the natural environment”


Philadelphia Waterborne began working with students at Wissahickon Charter in the mid-fall of 2014, and is currently building a skiff with middle school students at the Awbury Campus.  Working with the school’s Art teacher, students will also design and execute a colorful paint scheme for this boat, which also launch at Bartram’s Garden in May or June, 2015.IMG_0026



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